Activity Feed New Rules

We are making Activity feed like that , So you can See only those members post with whom you are connected .
So to View anyone post you have to send them Connections request or accept the connection Request , to view each other post on activity Feed .

Connection is like friendship or it means you know that memeber .


Before connection you can see like this:

Now you have to send connection request to other Person, then it would look like , see below :

It might be possible that Other person send you connection request , then it will look like this , you have to accept it, See below:

After you you accept or other person accept , you both will be connected. see below:

Its like if me and mujeeb are not connected , i wont see Mujeeb Posts in Activity Feed . I hope you get it .So make Connections with all whom posts you want to see .

Video Tutorial

Play the video above to learn how to make connections