Do not follow others !

Bisexual People are those who could romance with both the genders .Like one girl could love other girl or other boy , Like Mari on Betternation.

What is the meaning of LGBTQ?

The terms lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) describe distinct groups within the gay culture. The early initiatives for people who were gay focused mostly on men. So, in an attempt to draw attention to issues specific to gay women, “lesbian” is often listed first.

Well leave it , If a person is gay , its okay we should not criticized that person Because its Natural , Yes its Natural .

However why you are here?

Because Nowadays , In the name of freedom and rights People are forgetting their tradition and culture , They are just following movies and web series .

Nowadays People are saying that they are Bisexual .

Bisexual or “bi” refers to people whose sexual and romantic feelings are for both genders , that is they would do sex with men as well as women even its not possible , but they will do …

Let Us Understand , How people are becoming Bisexual ?

Nowadays Different Web Series are launching day by day , Specially by USA and other Western countries , We cant’t write name of the web series , Because they are really meaning less.

Different girls of India , and mostly USA are watching them .. and they start liking them , You know whats there  inside that series?

If not , then let us tell you that in that web series , Girls are showing as Bisexual and they are doing sex with boy as well as with girl . And this is first time an ordinary straight girl is watching it

However our brain is so powerful even after watching we don’t want to think about it , but our brain will think about it , and girls will question themselves how it would feel to be bisexual ?

Girls (mainly) and boys starts thinking about the people of same gender they like and then try to feel different love for them , and they start feeling that they are bisexual too and call them-self bisexual .

What if they don’t know what is bisexual and they do not try to feel it ?

In this case they would live a normal healthy life as a straight , either men or women without any issue , it was the web series that triggers that person and force their brain to change sexual orientation.


These web series are made on the false rumor of equality and bla bla where they show to respect  for all gender , but in reality the creators are pervert or tharki , they want to enjoy sex with men as well as women and its just making insecurity all around the world , now men is not safe with men because of this shitty bisexual trend . Never watch bisexual movies , because most people  start feeling by movies and series.

Are they really bisexual ?

Absolutely not , 99% of the people are straight(either men or women) , Who claimed that they are bisexual . Actually their mind adopt that they are bisexual and that is how they become bisexual or bi and now they will tell you that hii i am bi .

They will listen to us . If we convince them that you are not bisexual ?

Absolutely not, once our mind committed to sexuality like Bisexual, person start feel for both kind of gender and that person wont listen to you at any cost and will abuse you or will say he or she dont care , mind your business and all .

In India ,Parents conduct psychological treatment of such persons and get success also , as it only in our mind , our mind is a natural or god gifted super computer . Their mind is forced to accept that they are not bi . \

But in other countries very few take it as issue and  instead they enjoy their life as bisexual .

Aim of Betternation ?

If you are not gay or don’t have any physical issue , Please do not watch bisexual stuff and never try to feel like them , boycott such movies and series .

Be Natural , No need to change as per surrounding , Only consider what god makes you naturally over your feeling , which are not the real feelings for you . stay safe stay straight .

Remember : Be Natural and fight with your brain like psycho people fight to become normal , similarly if you feel you are bisexual , fight with your brain and become natural .

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    1. I also support bro .. but when they are normal ..why cant they live normal .. in ancient time there were few or very less cases of lgbtq because they were not thinking or feeling … but now .. 50 % people are becoming bisexual .. trust me ..its gonna increase ..if we dont aware the teens ..

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