How Boys-Girls are cheating ?

Hello Everyone , Today we will See How Boys and Girls are Cheating/Playing with Each Other !!

Betternation is a Social Network Platform But We never Promote Western Bad stuff like Sexting or Making Girlfriends and Boyfriends

We promote India Culture , That is , we can interact with others and get all good things from them and share your good stuff with them and Always share Goodness and Happiness with Each other or Share your issue that you cant Share with your family .

Your Goal Should Be for Making A Good Friend,
But Nowadays People Just trying to make Girlfriends and Boyfriends , Which is also not bad , But the issue is , People are making Multiple Boyfriends and Girlfriends and doing Time Pass with them .

Let Us See How Boys are Making Multiple Girlfriends on Multiple Chatting Platform:

How Boys multiple Girlfriend in 2020 ?

Step 1 : Talk with 4-5 Girls with Same Tone and make them feel that you don’t have any Girlfriend .

Step 2: After trying on Many Girls , Analyze which girl is more impress and target those girl only and show your all goodness to them

Step 3: Ask about their family and Always support them and slowly make them in your Personal Zone

Step 4: Try to Propose a Girl in Fun , And slowly make them Girlfriend

Step 5: Make All girls Laugh and win their trust , And let them trust you 100 %

Step 6: Ask each girl to connect with you on different platform , like on girl on WhatsApp , one on Instagram , one on SnapChat , One on Hangout , and make them feel that there is only one girl in your Life

Step 7: Make them emotionally attach with you, using words like I cant live without you

Step 8 : Now ask for sexting and make them feel that sexting is not Bad , and its normal between boyfriend and girlfriend .

Step 9: If Girl deny for sexting , use emotional blackmail like “I will die if you don’t do it” or “I will hurt myself ” and like that also make a friend who will help you to handle multiple girls

Example on Betternation: Rohan and many

That is How Boys are Cheating with So  Many Girls Together in 2020. 

That is why we recommend to Every Girl , to not make any boyfriend Online or Offline . Just make Friends Because only 0.3% boys are Good and 99.7 % boys are Same .


Girls are also doing same but there is less probability for that , However in Delhi NCR , More cases of girls could be found .

Now For Girls :

How Girls Are Cheating with Many Boys : 

Step 1 : Girls talk to Many Boys and choose those who are in their control or eager to talk with them 

Step 2: they find the targeted boys who can do anything for her and start talking with him with laugh and never stop the boy from flirting . 

Step 3: They make multiple Boyfriends like this and when one is offline , girls switch to different boy , and that is how girls are cheating with boys . 

Note: 42% Girls are Good and never cheat , 58 % are those who are cheating these days .  

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  1. Wahh! Bhaiya yu gave the definition of mine how boys timepass with girls hmara Hi nam dete😂😂😂😁😁BTW nice.

  2. To be honest your article is informative and very helpful. After i saw your site and i read it and it help me a lot. Thanks for share your kind information.😃

  3. Every coin has two sides…just as there are two sides of every story or there are two sides to every person…There is always a winner and a looser(For every person who gets, there’s someone who must give!!!

    We do not wish to judge anyone nor wish to be judged
    in return. Meaning, we must dwell on the neutral side, in order to fully understand ourselves and those who are constantly causing us trouble in our daily lives 👍👍