How Instagram is Harming You?

Hello Everyone , I Hope You All Are Fine . Today I am Going To Discuss How Instagram is Affecting Us, You might dont like this but Please Read it once !

I know Many People are Happy (Temporary ) with Instagram and its so much Fun for them. Lets Discuss what is truth :

This photo sharing app Instagram launched in 2010, became so popular that within 7 years it has more than 700 million users worldwide. Though every social media has some negative impact on life. In fact, Instagram tops this list by making your life completely negative.

1-Negativity :

You know, Instagram is too visual and it can affect the mind of people with no effort. When people publish negative posts and try to show the world even worse than we get affected and upset easily. Because We start Feeling it Worst . 

2: Fake World of Instagram:

Fake….Fake…and Fake!!  Every social media platform allows the evil minds to create a fake profile but Instagram makes your real profile fake one, yes a fake one. This is one of the biggest reasons to quit Instagram right away!

Insta was one of the first few apps which gave the user the option to use filters and make their pics look “beautiful” in the way defined by society or the western world that is looking fair and fairer.

People get so much addicted to these filters that they start to neglect their natural beauty and same happens with the viewers or so-called followers who view these pics of the user. Slowly the user starts living life with this fake beauty so much that not only others but the user himself are unable to recognize real charm of his personality.

3-Fear of Missing Out :

You are Afraid of Missing Out
For many, FOMO (fear of missing out) happens regularly when Instagraming. You may see pictures or video clips of friends doing cool things with Your mutual friends, but You found that you were not invited there , You miss that moment and feel like you are missing there and you get upset. Maybe it looks like the person is always doing fun things, and going to interesting places. But you look at their own situation and feel lame. =You even sometimes start thinking “Nobody is going to want to invite me out, cause I don’t have interesting things to post.” When I post things like that, it seems like almost nobody likes them or comments about them. It’s really sad to observe that as people compete more for attention and approval on social media, it tends to result in people being less content, and then learning to be fake in order to try to fit in.

4-Hard Try :

I am glad that I was able to put a full stop on double-tapping and scrolling.

Did i tried it earlier?

Earlier I tried to deactivate my account but since it was an addiction to use insta i used to recover my account, 


Sorry for yelling, but some people are so quick to forget, Some People Said :

“Hey man, no I don’t use Facebook anymore, they were recording my conversations in the background through my phones microphone and selling the info to 3rd party advertisers. It was getting really creepy. I am using  cool new Indie platform IG with all the other cool kids — you should follow me there.”

So anyway, just remember, Instagram is not a “cool indie” platform, not anymore. They are run by Facebook, a mega-corporation. Anything you don’t like about Facebook’s philosophy and practices, you can assume exactly the same of Instagram. They Steal your data and make money .

Now Decision is of Yours’s, Please Comment below Your Opinions :