How to Become Admin

How To Get Adminship On Betternation

Adminship is not easy on Betternation , So we Select Admins On Different Criteria like Active Time , Chat Time , Activity Posting , Behavior and Other. 

To Become An Admin , You should be 2 month Old User , And should Be Active User and without any Complain against You . 

Then You can Apply for Adminship . 

How To Apply ? 

To Apply for Adminship , Open Contact Us Page  Or Copy this link and paste in url, Link =   . Then The Contact Page Will be In front Of You . 

Now Fill The Form and in Category , Select Request for Adminship As Shown in the image Below:

After choosing Category , Please Write the reason for your adminship in the message Box and Tick I am Not Robot then send Your Request as Shown below:

After Sending Your Request , Please Check your email after 6-12 Hours . We will mail you about the status . 

And After your Verification You will Get Adminship!

If you are eligible For Adminship , You will Surely Get It . 

Thanks for Reading , For Any Query Please Comment Below: