Hello Everyone , I am Himanshu , today we will Learn , How to watch IPL on PC/laptop for free .

Method 1 : Download The IPL TV For Phone and open it and play ipl matches / 

For Laptop we provide another software where you can play ipl . 

Another Method 

First of all open the hotstar official website www.hotstar.com then search for live match , Open it , By default automatically hotstar provide 7 minute demo play of the match , after 7 minutes it will stop playing the match .

Now what should be done before applying trick ?

Before using trick set your video quality which you want to set , either low , medium or high , also choose your language , Now you are set after selecting the video quality and audio language as per your wish .


Now its time of trick !

Step 1 : Open the ipl live cricket from hotstar then let the 7 min time start , now open the network connections and open it , you can search it in search bar , it will be view as image given below

Step2: now open view network then you will see options . For some users its ethernet (who using broadband ) , for some users its wifi (like me who is using internet from mobile phone hotspot) .

Step3 : choose your internet , which is running , right click on it and choose disable then after 10 seconds , again right click on it and again enable it . Now after enabling again , see the hotstar match window , the countdown get freeze and you can see match without any time limit , you can increase/decrease video and also make it full screen , but do not refresh or anything .

step4: if you refresh by mistake , use incognito tab and follow same steps .

(Always use incognito tab for this trick)